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All eibonvale Press titles can be ordered direct from the publisher. Orders below £19.99 will incur a postage charge of £2; Orders over £20 will have free delivery worldwide.

Books are distributed from various points around the world, which means I can get away with charging the same amount globally. Eibonvale Press has a simple Paypal checkout. Simply click the 'Add to Cart' buttons. You can then place the order either using a card or your Paypal account. Alternatively, payment by cheque is possible for UK customers. Just email me!

Preparation can take a few days, so please allow a bit more time than the normal postage time for receiving your book. Please note that tracking is not available in the distributor's system for most basic deliveries - if tracking is essential, please message me, but be aware that the delivery prices may be considerably higher.

Alternatively, you can buy the books from various specialist dealers.



A few titles are available as ebooks as well as printed versions. If these are handled on an external platform (e.g. Amazon) then refer to them for details. If the ebook sale is handled in-house, you will be emailed the ebook you have bought after purchase. And if you ever run into any issues with it and need it again, just email me and I will sort it for you.



In most cases, I do not handle the postage myself, the distributor does. And it has occasionally been known for books to arrive damaged. In such cases, replacements will always be provided. If you're not happy with a book, please email me at including a photograph or scan of precisely why you are not happy PLUS AN IMAGE/NOTE OF THE BATCH NUMBER, which is printed a page or two in from the back of the book. I will pass this on to the distributor along with suitable scolding and a replacement copy will be sent out.


Dealers are always welcome! Please see here for dealer terms, discounts and info.

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