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Call for Works for a New Anthology of Strange Fiction:


Edited by Allen Ashley

From the guidelines: "This will be an anthology of stories based upon, celebrating and exploring the senses. I am looking for short stories within the range 1000 to 6000 words which deal with the senses as an integral component of both plot and theme. I will expect stories to be broadly within the SF / Fantasy / Horror / Slipstream / Fabulist field. I will also consider more mainstream work which has some elements or references to the broad fantasy canon. I will expect to include stories that explore the traditional five senses of: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell and Taste. I will also consider work which explores other senses or quasi senses – e.g. the “sixth” sense of intuition or other qualities such as Extra-Sensory Perception, Precognitive Ability, etc. "

Reading period is 1 January 2014 to 30 April 2014.

Click here for the full guidelines in PDF format.



General Submissions

Eibonvale Press is CLOSED for other submissions at the moment. Check this page for future openings.

Please click here to download the General Eibonvale Press Guidelines in RTF or PDF format!

Eibonvale Press aims to produce exceptionally attractive and lovingly designed editions of good quality and intelligent modern horror, magic realism, slipstream, the surreal and related areas. That said, I am not constrained by genre boundaries within my general area of work but I am interested in works that seek to develop their own voices. Writers should browse around the website and read some of our books ideally, to get a feel for what we are like and what we are interested in.

However, Eibonvale is a tiny press, publishing a handful of books a year at the moment. This means that I have to be selective and can also take some time to respond. For this reason, I will be opening for short periods when I need to look for new titles, then closing again when I have enough, simply so I can keep on top of things. Therefore I recommend any interested writer to keep a close close eye on what is happening. All announcements will be made both here on this page and through the Eibonvale Newsletter or blog. So I recommend joining me there and subscribing to get the latest news as it breaks.

Please note that I am not currently able to accept artist submissions (unless conceivably if you are willing to work for free!). Send me stuff for my viewing pleasure by all means (!) but currently I do all the art for these books myself and am not in a position to pay others for artworks.



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