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Future Titles

The following books are currently forthcoming from Eibonvale Press. Please note that Eibonvale does not usually announce specific release dates. However, we do offer reservations for forthcoming titles.

If you wish to keep up with when titles become available, I invite you to subscribe to the Eibonvale Newsletter or blog.

Songs for the Lost - by Alexander Zelenyj

An elegant and haunting collection loosely strung together by ghosts of music. Maybe literally - I haven't decided yet!

The Planet Suite - by Allen Ashley

A new edition of Allen Ashley's first 'novel' - a hugely exuberant and vivid opera of the human condition through the glittering lens of speculative fiction, presented here in a new definitive edition with plenty of 'DVD extras'.


A new anthology from Allen Ashley on the theme of the senses. See here for the call for submissions.

Sangria in the Sangraal - by Rhys Hughes

A reprint of one of Rhys Hughes' finest books with two brand new stories.


Reserve Books

If you are interested in any of these forthcoming books then reserve it/them now by sending an email to letting me know what you are interested in. Please be sure to include your address and a suitable paypal email.

When a book is released, I will send you a paypal bill. You can cancel the reservation at any time by email or when we bill you. So you have nothing to loose!

No spam will be sent to your email or postal address. We do not sell or give your data to anyone of any species, including Nigerian princes or sinister Men in Black. I suspect we share the opinions of many of you in terms of what we would like to do if we ever met a genuine spammer up a dark alley somewhere . . .

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