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Rustblind and Silverbright

A Slipstream Anthology of Railway Stories

edited by David Rix

372 pages

Tallest Stories

Trains occupy a special place in the human psyche. The twin threads of the rails forge ahead from place to place, the ultimate symbol of travel and connection and all the hopes, fantasies, fears, reasons, romance and excitement that come with that.  The links between points, the bridges and tunnels, are always so much more profound than borders or walls.  And yet you travel these links through a world that is isolated from normal life and unique to itself.  The railways are so mundane and taken for granted, passing through the backs of your cities and towns, yet they are worlds that cannot be visited, cannot be known.  Worlds that can only be glimpsed from blurred windows or from the far end of the platform.  Hidden places.  Private places.  Places where the ordinary and the secret meet. 

This was the mood in which Rustblind and Silverbright came into being – a book of railway stories that aimed to look far beyond what you might expect from classic horror or sci-fi.  Like any good journey, the scenery of this book is ever-changing.  You will ride the rails of language and imagination through many and varied places – some almost unendurably disturbing, some bleak and miserable, some surreal and strange, some touching and moving, some absurd and comical, some exquisitely beautiful.  This is a collection that ranges widely from the almost-familiar double-track line of slipstream fiction to the grungy metro of sci-fi and the dark and sparsely served branch line of pure horror, while the squawking locomotives of absurdism jostle with still stranger trains that ride to – other places.

Please take a look at Rustblind's accompanying novella Moonshine Express here.

    - Contents:
Tetsudo Fan
  - Andrew Hook
On The Level
  - Allen Ashley
The Wandering Scent
  - Aliya Whiteley
To the Anhalt Station
  - John Howard
Death Trains Of Durdensk
  - Daniella Geary
Vivian Guppy and the Brighton Belle
  - Nina Allan
Last Train
  - Joel Lane
Writer's Block
  - Stephen Fowler
Northern Line Tube Announcement
  - Anon
The Path of Garden Forks
  - Rhys Hughes
District to Upminster
  - Marion Pitman
Wi-Fi Enabled
  - RD Hodkinson
Stratford International
  - D McGroarty
The Cuts
  - Danny Rhodes
  - Christopher Harman
Escape on a Train
  - Steve Rasnic Tem
  - Charles Wilkinson
  - Gavin Salisbury
Sunday Relatives
  - Douglas Thompson
The Engineered Soul
  - Jet McDonald
  - John Greenwood
The Keeper
  - Andrew Coulthard
Not All Trains Crash
  - Steven Pirie
The Turning Track
  - Rosanne Rabinowitz and Matt Joiner





Rustblind and Silverbright is available in the following formats:

The Oz Suite

  • Hardcover: £23
  • Paperback: £9.99
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