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About Eibonvale Press

Eibonvale Press is a small press run by a writer, artist and reader who loves books - It's as simple as that. It is not intended to be particularly commercial or make large sums of money for me or anyone concerned (though it would be nice if it did, of course!), but it aims to produce beautiful and lovingly-designed editions of excellent writing in modern horror, magic realism and the surreal.

It is one of the greatest advances in the book world that, thanks to new technology, book publishing has now come within reach of ordinary people as opposed to big companies. Big companies have their advantages of course, but at the same time there is an immediacy and intimacy possible when you just get people who love something doing what they love. It means that Eibonvale possesses a personality rather than a house style, which I think is one of its strengths. Eibonvale is Me and I am Eibonvale. And that is something I am proud of, more than anything. I want the writers and the readers to know who I am - and hopefully treat me as a human instead of a company! I find the faceless nature of many publishers rather off putting. In the book world, there are a lot of routines and traditions and 'ways things are done' and cliques and staid stick-in-the-muds who seem to have forgotten that this business is about love and the pleasure of creating and exploring, pure and simple. At the end of the day, it is love that creates good things. Love and people - in their individuality.

That is my rant about Eibonvale. Though in the end there is only one mission statement that is important. In a nutshell, I want to produce books that I myself would be delighted to have on my shelves, both in terms of the content and the design. And I want to enjoy myself in the process. And I want the writers to enjoy themselves as well of course. So far the reaction to the books has been good. The writers especially have been very pleased. I cant ask for anything more than that.

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